Thermocrete Chimney Lining

Professional Chimney Repairs / Flue Lining and Re-Lining services

Chimney Lining, Re-Lining and Chimney Repairs in Nottinghamshire

Clifford Heating have been re-lining and repairing chimneys throughout Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire since 2005. Over the years we have built up a reputation for craftsmanship at a competitive price. We are part of one of the largest networks of Chimney Engineers in the UK; Thermocrete, which offer advice and solutions to all your chimney problems. We cover every aspect of chimney lining and renovation; from stack re-builds, re-pointing and Inglenooks to new pots and cowls for solid fuel, wood, oil and gas burning appliances.

Chimney Repairs & Lining since 2005

So, if you’re searching for “Chimney Lining Nottinghamshire“, Contact Clifford Heating Limited today. We’re friendly, reliable and have been re-lining and repairing chimneys to customers within the Nottinghamshire areas since 2005.

Clifford Heating Limited off four different kind of chimney lining services: Thermocrete Pumped Concrete Lining / Resin Coated Sealant / Flexible Stainless Steel Lining and Clay/Pumice Flue Lining to our clients in Newark and throughout the North Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire regions.

Pumped Concrete Lining

The basic concept of the system is simple but extremely effective. A rubber former is inserted precisely in position through the entire length of the flue.

Special techniques are used to keep the former centralised, even if the flue has a 45° bend. Thermocrete B2c material is pumped into the flue from the top of the chimney stack filling all voids, cracks and damaged joints.

When the Thermocrete has hardened, the former is deflated and removed leaving a perfectly smooth cylindrical flue.

For more information on and why we trust the Thermocrete system, visit the Thermocrete Website.

Thermocrete Chimney Lining and Repairs in Nottinghamshire

Resin Coating
Sealant System (Thermocrete)

Whatever form of heating you use an efficient chimney is essential for your health, safety and economy. Thermocrete Sealant is applied by a high pressure rotating spray machine.

The sealant fills all the gaps and cracks leaving a smooth gas tight coating on the inner surface.

Thermocrete Chimney Sealant is produced to BS 4201. Maximum Service Temperature 1500 Degrees Celsius.

For more information on and why we trust the Thermocrete system, visit the Thermocrete Website.

Thermocrete Chimney Lining Solutions

Flexible Chimney lining

Flexible stainless steel chimney / flue liners are available are either multi fuel applications or for gas and oil appliances. Available in a range of diameters to suit all applications.

Class 1 Multi-Fuel flue liners – in two basic grades of stainless steel. A standard 316 grade, with a 10 year product guarantee, and high quality 904L grade which comes with a 20 year product guarantee.

Class 2 Gas and oil flexible flue liners – manufactured out of a single strip 316 grade stainless steel – designed for atmospheric gas and kerosene appliances where the flue gas temperature does not exceed 260°C. Please note that these are not for use with solid fuel.

Single skin liners for use with gas appliances / Twin skin liners are overlapping strips of high grade stainless steel to give a smooth sealed flue-way. These liners should be used with wood and multi-fuel appliances.

Clay & Pumice
Chimney lining

Clay/ceramic flue liners are both lightweight and strong. Manufactured from a specially selected blend of fire clays in a range of sizes in both round and square to suit the range of wood and solid fuel appliances and open fires.

Whether we’re building a new chimney, or relining your old chimney, the round pumice liner chimney system is ideally suited to wood burning appliances in both outdoors and indoors situations.